Thursday, December 8, 2016

Starting Courageous Conversations

I like to pretend that daily, I have important conversations with the girl. Sometimes, the importance is hard to see ("Why does Rainbow Dash help Fluttershy?") but I try.
I know that the girl is listening, even when I think she isn't, so I try to use every minute to discuss important topics and instill our values without it becoming a lecture.
And of course, books are my main go-to for this. 
I do have to admit, the girl is pretty adamant in what she will or will not listen to. Right now, My Little Pony is ruling the household. We have read the graphic novels over and over and OVER. We have started on the 'easy' readers. And surprisingly, My Little Pony isn't that bad. The vocabulary in the graphic novels is amazing and the stories are about friendship and helping one another.

But, My Little Pony will only get us so far. 

We have had quite a few conversations about how everyone looks different and that's ok. But, we haven't had many discussions about how people can act in different ways than people are used to. Or, sometimes people like things that are supposed to be for 'girls' or 'boys'. Beginning the conversation that there are no 'rules' about who can play with what or who can like what is an important first step in promoting understanding and acceptance for bigger issues later. 

Two great books that I plan to use to start these conversations are

Beautiful by Stacy McAnulty

Jacob's New Dress by Sarah and Ian Hoffman