Thursday, November 17, 2016


I LOVE a good infographic. I love the conciseness of the information. I love the inferences you can draw from one small picture. 
Infographics provide a wealth of knowledge without having to wade through a bunch of text. Unfortunately, a good infographic can be hard to find. Often, they are still text-dense or just set up very poorly.
BUT, there are two new awesome infographics that I found and one is even a series!!

The first is from Steve Jenkins (so you know it is going to be great) about animals. The illustrations are superb and cover a wide range of topics from animal migrations to tongue lengths.

Animals by the Numbers by Steve Jenkins

The other is based more on maps. It compares people around the country from topics like access to sanitation to armed forces. The same publisher produces several other titles.

People On Earth by Jon Richards and Ed Simkins

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