Sunday, August 21, 2016

Interesting Informational Texts

Below are a few interesting informational texts that would be great for sparking curiosity and conversations with students. Although they may not relate to your specific content areas, we all know how captivating a great book can be!

Orangutan Orphanage by Suzi Eszterhas

A unique characteristic of this book is that the author tells about what orangutan mothers do in the wild and then describes how the foster mothers (human) adapt in order to take care of the orphaned orangutans. A great read aloud!

Splat! The Most Exciting Artists of All Time by Mary Richards

I love this book! A quick 2-3 page spread about different authors, highlighting their major works while also giving pertinent information. 

13 Skyscrapers Child Should Know by Brad Finger

The '13 series' actually looks very interesting. The latest installment is an amazing book which highlights 13 skyscrapers from around the world. The photographs are excellent, the facts and entertaining and the entire book is easily understood.

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