Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Red Bicycle

This book follows the journey of one bicycle as it is loved and passed on through many different lives and jobs. Leo works hard to earn enough money to buy himself a bicycle he names Big Red. When Leo outgrows the bicycle he wants to give it to someone who will love it as much as he does. Leo donates Big Red to an organization that will take it to Africa, along with many other bikes, tools and necessary items.

Big Red gets a second life in Africa when Alisetta picks Big Red to be her bicycle. Having a bicycle allows Alisetta and her grandmother to live a better life than they had previously. An unfortunate accident renders the bicycle useless to Alisetta and again, Big Red finds a new life as an ambulance.

The story is based on information provided in the back pages of the book. This is an empowering story of how one bicycle can change many lives. The illustrations complement the text with key phrases woven throughout the pictures. This is a must-read for all classrooms.

The Red Bicycle by Jude Isabella

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