Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Books About Too Much

Now that Halloween is officially over, apparently it is time for the Christmas season to begin. The girl and I went to Target the day after Halloween to try and score a half-price Halloween costume for next year. She was less interested in the costumes and WAY more interested in the trees and ornaments that were set up across the aisle. 

My family has already started asking what her 'list' looks like, what she wants for Christmas. The honest truth is the girl needs nothing. We are fortunate that my cousin hands down all her daughter's outgrown clothes, so we have plenty of clothes. In fact, we have more clothes that we will ever wear.

We have enough toys - the girl doesn't play with them anyway. She has a basement with cars, blocks, kitchen items, Little People, dinosaurs, everything a child could want. The only thing she loves are her books. Big books. Little books. Board books. Nonfiction books. Picture books. Any kind of book. But, she needs no more books. She already has over 100 board books and more than two bookcases full of other books. She does not need.

I've tried explaining over and over that we don't want items, we really would just like family to spend time with us and if they feel the need to give something, a contribution to her college fund would be great. But, the holidays bring out the nostalgia in family and they can't fathom the idea of not opening presents around a tree. 

But, if you are looking for some ideas about books that help explain why you don't need to buy that newest, bestest toy out there for your little one, these might be for you:

Too Many Toys by David Shannon

Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

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