Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 20: Fred Stays With Me!

I often pass by books without stopping to read them. With so many great books, how do you stop to read them all? Fred Stays With Me! by Nancy Coffelt is a book I have seen many times but for some reason I hadn't stopped to read. Fortunately at our book fair, a friend pointed this book out. It deals with a difficult topic (divorce) so wonderfully. Sometimes the young girl has to stay at her dad's house, sometimes at her mom's house, but Fred the dog always stays with her. When both households are tired of Fred's antics and want to get rid of him, the girl is adamant that Fred has to stay with her.
This would go along great with Charlie Anderson by Barbara Abercrombie. Both of these books are a great catalyst to start discussions about children who have to move between houses when their parents live in different homes.