Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 16: The Quiet Book

This is one of those books that I bought because the illustrations were so cute. It wasn't until after I read the book several times that I realized how fantastic and valuable this book would be for generating ideas during a writing workshop time. Deborah Underwood does a fantastic job listing different kinds of "quiet" - reading a book quiet, best friends don't need to talk quiet, first one awake quiet, and the list goes on and on. Each of the illustrations matches the text so perfectly that you can allow yourself to be transported to a time when you felt that type of quiet. Students can talk about when they had experiences like these or other types of "quiet" they may have felt. These ideas can be listed and then used for ideas to write about in notebooks.

Other books that use a similar technique:
Courage by Bernard Waber
Serendipity by Tobi Tobias

In April, Deborah Underwood is supposed to come out with The Loud Book. I know I am looking forward to it! It's one that I will buy sight unseen because of how much I loved The Quiet Book.

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