Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 6: Lonely Sea Monster

This week I'm going to offer you something different. A book that is NOT FOR CHILDREN. Instead, it's a book that is for adults who enjoy picture books with a bit of a dark twist. Lonely Sea Monster by Deanna Molinaro is one of my absolute favorites to read. The sea monster is adorable, the illustrations are very creative, but this story has a dark twist to it. If you click on the 'buy this book' link, you can actually read the book from the author's website. Picture books are often written with a predictable format - things work out in the end, there is a happy ending, the protagonist wins, etc. This is fine for young children who are still optimistic, but what about those of us that love the picture book format, but have a bit more cynical look at life? THERE'S A BOOK FOR THAT!!! This book is the perfect solution. It's not gory or scary...just fabulous.